About Me


Welcome to my food blog.

My name is Kelly, I’m a student studying food writing, and a mum. Food is an interesting subject for me, and one that is relevant to everyone. This food blog is an outlet for my food writing projects, but also a more general everyday look at the world of food, the history of food, and even the problems surrounding it.

Within these pages, I hope to cover a wide variety of topics and will trial recipes. I am not a chef, but I love looking through cookbooks and trying things out. Whether they end up looking or tasting as they should do is another matter, but I’ll try it nonetheless.

As a keen gardener, I try and grow my own fruit and veg and use these ingredients where I can. That said, with temperamental British weather conditions, that’s easier said than done.

If this sounds interesting to you, join me as I look at The Write Food.


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