Cornichon Cornucopia

Image: Chilli PicklesHere’s another little gem for the chilli lovers out there – Lidl’s premium pickled cornichons with chilli.

A great small pickled gherkin with enough heat to satisfy the spice-loving tastebuds, but not so much that you need a glass of milk to recover! The cornichons (gherkins) themselves are perfectly bite-sized and crunchy with a great balance of sweet and savoury.

They’re also quite addictive – once you pop them open, it’s easy to munch through half a jar in one go (or maybe that’s just me being greedy?!) But at 99p a jar (160g), they don’t weigh too heavily on the food budget.

wpid-wp-1411215625395.jpgProduced in Turkey by a company called Freshona, the jar also comes with a handy plastic handled insert that allows you to lift the pickles up within the jar. I love this (I’m easily pleased!) as it means no more scrabbling around with a fork trying to catch the last of the gherkins swimming in the bottom of the jar! If only every jar of olives had this as well…


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