Restaurant Review: The George, Weymouth

By George, They’ve Got It… 

Roast BeefThe George is a harbourside ‘Bar and Grill’ restaurant that boasts of  ‘casual dining with a relaxed and rustic feel’, which the urban-shabby-chic décor, and non-fussy menu of steak, peri-peri chicken, and burgers, certainly achieve. Large windows and glass doors give a light and airy feel and allow good views of the picturesque harbour. On walking through the door the staff are polite, friendly, and undeniably relaxed, but in a welcoming way.

To drink, I opted for a bottle of Norcott’s Elderflower cider – a refreshing choice with a light sparkle, which wasn’t too sweet or overpowering to my meal.

Roast dinners were available on a separate menu – beef or ham – competitively priced at £8.95. After ordering the roast beef and a ‘burger tower’, the service time was efficient, and suitable condiments were provided. The beef was well cooked, with retaining juices, as was the succulent burger that came with a substantial rustic style bun. On taste, the beef was tender with some outer ‘caught in the pan’ sections, providing an extra depth of flavour and the burger was seasoned well.

Burger TowerThe portion sizes were plentiful, with a wide selection of traditional vegetables accompanying the meat. The cheesy broccoli adding a slight flavour enhancing saltiness, while the crisp, golden roast potatoes had a hint of rosemary and were fluffy inside. The kind I try to create at home – usually unsuccessfully.

Overall, an enjoyable dining experience – The George ticks all the boxes for good quality food, a relaxed and child-friendly environment, and competitive pricing.


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