Top of the Popcorn

Metcalfe's PopcornI may have mentioned before but I am a true lover of spicy food and am always willing to try new products. This ‘heat ‘n sweet’ skinny popcorn from Metcalfe’s is a fairly new product and this bag was actually given to me by a friend who thought I would appreciate it. She wasn’t wrong, I am very much a fan of the new trend of different flavoured popcorn and this one didn’t disappoint. With a big hit of chilli and lemon, the level of spice won’t be to everyone’s liking, but with the combination of sugar in the flavouring, it helps keep a better balance – a little bit like having mango chutney as an accompaniment to your curry.

Available in both snack size (17g) and sharing bags (75g), the ‘heat ‘n sweet’ is low in fat and has no MSG, which I was surprised about because normally snacks that pack this much of a punchy flavour usually contain MSG, so well done Metcalfe’s.

Ingredients: popped butterfly corn, rapeseed oil, sugar, chilli and lemon flavouring (rice flour, sugar, salt, onion powder, paprika powder, yeast powder, lemon fruit powder, maltodextrin, yeast extract powder, chilli powder, cayenne extract, ground cumin, garlic powder, colour: paprika extract, natural flavouring, black pepper extract.)

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